Saturday, June 23, 2012

[wk 5 update] Jason Slavin

Hey guys-

Took the critiques from a few of you and also explored an idea for repeated architecture I had during class this morning.

Keep up the good work and take chances, guys. Better to go too far and then reign yourself back in than never explore the possibilities.


  1. i definitely like how you opened up the forest, it felt a little flat before. not sure about the repeating structure though, i just dont think it needs it...but it works both ways so it comes down to personal preference. DO SOMETHING COOL WITH THE TOP OF THE LEFT TRAIN!!! lol nice work mate

    1. Hahaha. Good hanging out tonight, dude. I will continue to work on this with some of the points you mentioned at dinner. I agree that it works with just one structure, but that space needs to be filled with something, and I prefer the repeated architecture to something like an ambiguous mountain, especially considering the way the space is framed by the train and scaffolding. If you objects create a frame, there better be something worth looking at inside of it.