Saturday, June 23, 2012

[Week 5] Jason Slavin

Hey everyone!

I felt like the last piece was a little bit too particular, with a lot of frequency and sharp edges all around. I made an effort to make this week's work more like a painting than a sort of digital mixed media. Very little photo in this one. See you all tomorrow!


 Sunset and they're still at it!


  1. awesome work as always mr. Slavin. of the two i definitely prefer the first one (sunrise). the second one feels too dark and the texture you put on it just muddies it up. The monolith structure in the back is so well done that you dont want to hide it behind those kinds of textures (show all that detail off!!). I think you could make the left train a little darker to separate it from the sky, but thats just nit picking. again, beautiful work

  2. also, because the trains are old and out of use, you could play more with the top of the left train...make it like all damaged and make some interesting shapes, instead of a solid line