Saturday, February 16, 2013


weekly hw 1

Tolentino_Kris Week1: B&W sketches

some of these i did on my ipad in procreate and experimented with a couple of their "wet" brushes...most i did in photoshop using hard round and soft round eraser.

Week 1-Mike T

Week 1 Hwk - B&W thumbs - nancy

mostly used only those two brushes except for the foliage stuff. and was experimenting w/ some random texture shape in another.. . sorry i cheated! lol. .. but otherwise i only used the two brushes!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black and white demo and homework

10 black and white thumbnails.
- approach with abstract shapes to create the scene
-use only two brushes  default 19 sharp pressure and soft air brush
- do not spend time on rendering.
-spend enough time on creating interesting shapes and relationship between shapes.
- Break shapes into large medium small

Friday, February 8, 2013



Week1        Composition and Value

Week2          Lighting and Color application  

Week3         Shape languages and form  ( realistic and stylization)

Week 4         Camera and depth   

Week5           texture and frequency     

Mid term due.  (  5 thubmnail studies for each week + 2 color final painting)

Project: Pick EXISTING stories that you want to re design with your own vision


Week6      reference gathering and idea sketches for project

Week7     Exterior design and wide painting

Week 8    idea sketches and deep painting

Week 9   idea sketches and interior painting.

Week 10   Final due