Saturday, June 30, 2012

Painting Steps - Jason Slavin

Hey guys. Here's a look at the steps that we talked about this afternoon.

 Took the apartment interior and created noise with it.

 Color picked from the noise and gestured what I saw in my head.

 Added the feet to create story for the piece.

 Decided it was still pretty bare, so I added blood as a compositional element.

 I felt it was still too empty, so I started adding bodies. Faces are details, so as you can I see left painting the main character for the very end.

Here I knew the feet were the 2nd thing we looked at, but they told nothing about the story of zombies, so I changed it to a corpse. 

Here are some close ups of a few key areas to let you see how loose a lot of it is. Only highly refining essential points within the composition, without going so far as to make it look perfect - this will take away the energy of the brush stroke, which is very important for a painting like this.

Thanks guys! Look forward to this week. :)


  1. Thanks for posting these Jason. I'm sure it will help the class a lot :)

  2. yo jason, awesome post and awesome painting. I still think you can push the values and edge variation on the zombies and walls. I don't think it will distract from the focal point. The way it is right now the overall picture feels kind of fuzzy