Thursday, May 31, 2012

Class starts from 10:30 am!!

I touched up little more on one of the color thumbs I did. I didn't like the composition so I stretched the whole panel. Also, I used the color reference from the photo at the bottom. Do not invent the colors from imagination. See you guys on Sat.

Week 2 - Color Thumbs - Jeff Paulsrud

 Spent an extra 20 min. or so cleaning these last two up

B/W thumbs = 20 min.
Color thumbs = 25 ~30 min.

Sorry for taking so long to post anything...been a bit preoccupied.

Jeff Paulsrud

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey guys.These are some color thumbnails I did today. I spent 15 minutes to 45 minutes on these. I'll start with color demo on Sat. by sampling colors from traditional paintings, photos, and others. Even though we deal with colors now, always try to keep composition and shapes simple. See you guys on Sat.

charles' usb

hey - have any of you guys seen charles' usb from last sat?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WK2 Env Thumbs--Jason Slavin

Updated--Finished the color sketches. I started with very dirty colors, focusing on scifi horror ideas, but decided to open up and have fun finishing with really vibrant sketches. I also added the figure to the last b&w sketch. Thanks Charles!
Hey guys! Got my 5 b&w thumbs out of the way. I felt like I learned a lot about establishing exteriors last week, so I'm I'm going to challenge myself with technical interiors a lot this time. Now let's color!



Chris Chien - wk 2

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tina Oh - Week 2

Any feedback is appreciated.

Black and white thumbnails.

Here's the update on the color thumbnails.  I haven't done colors in a while, so my painting might look a bit messy or off.

black and white Von der Ahe

Von der Ahe black and whites

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jeff Paulsrud - Thumbnails

I spent some extra time on #17 because I needed to practice rendering rocks.  But the composition and lighting of the painting was finished in under 30 minutes.  Again, all feedback is greatly appreciated. 

After seeing all of these together I noticed that I have the bad habit of centering most of my compositions.  I'll try to fix that for the next batch.  All critiques are greatly appreciated.

~ 30 - 45 min. each

Jeff Paulsrud
Hey Guys. You guys have been great so far. Above are qucik 4 to 5 mitues thumbnail I did just using black and white value to get more clarity of my picture. You can do couple of them using this methoud as well. This exercise will definitely help you to see just with two simple value while you are focusing on graphic quality of the shapes. Notice how my brush strokes are put to lead viewer's eyes to the object I want them to see.

Week 1: Black and White Thumbnails

Comment, feedback, etc.?  Let me know.