Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jeff Paulsrud - Week 3 HW

I really underestimated this assignment lol.  I thought painting over pictures was going to be a lot easier...but i was wrong.  I did a whole bunch of these but they all turned out like crap so i just scrapped them.  These were the only two that were presentable. All feedback is appreciated.



  1. The first one came out exceptionally well - the colors and the lighting matches evenly in its environment. But the second one seems like it has repeated shapes on both mountains and trees. On the plus side, I like the morning fog and the colors of the environment.

  2. I love both of them. Great landscapes. If you adjust some shapes on second one, it will be awesome. Also, try to indicate some temple or any type of architectural elements on the mountains. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

  3. Also, It is true ,Jeff that painting over photo is harder.
    I can tell you really did work. When you paintover the photo, you have to bring everything(contrast, frequency, color) up to certain degree. Choosing right photo is crucial as well. I'll do interior shot painting demo using textures this Sat. Great job, Jeff.