Saturday, June 30, 2012

[wk6] Ryan Phair

Just got back from vacation and it's good to be back! Sorry that I missed out 3 weeks...
I don't know where I am really going with this, but this is all I have. A demo for textures would be really nice. Hope everyone is having a good week :]

Group 2? Read Me

Hey Group 2, this is Tina.  Since I forgot to get everyone's email, I thought I should post a quick reminder (I know it's too early to post this, but the earlier the better).

If you are planning to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame films, here's the link I found on Youtube:
If you want to watch the entire movie in one film, just click on the play button: it'll send you directly to Playlist.

The main user has the entire film of that movie from silent film to 2008 (?).  You can watch either one or all of it, but be aware that some of the storyline, location, design, etc. are not the same.  

Good luck, and have a good day.

Quick paintovers from this week.

Painting Steps - Jason Slavin

Hey guys. Here's a look at the steps that we talked about this afternoon.

 Took the apartment interior and created noise with it.

 Color picked from the noise and gestured what I saw in my head.

 Added the feet to create story for the piece.

 Decided it was still pretty bare, so I added blood as a compositional element.

 I felt it was still too empty, so I started adding bodies. Faces are details, so as you can I see left painting the main character for the very end.

Here I knew the feet were the 2nd thing we looked at, but they told nothing about the story of zombies, so I changed it to a corpse. 

Here are some close ups of a few key areas to let you see how loose a lot of it is. Only highly refining essential points within the composition, without going so far as to make it look perfect - this will take away the energy of the brush stroke, which is very important for a painting like this.

Thanks guys! Look forward to this week. :)

WK 6 Jenniper

Charlie lives next to a lake that has mutant fish from Chernobyl

.... excuse me as I go sacrifice my best friend's first born child.

.... on that note.
here is a bucket full of my hopes and dreams

wk6 vda


Week 6 - Tina Oh

This is utterly unfinished...  I didn't feel right about painting both of these two pieces.

[wk6] Lucas


Week 6 - Jeff Paulsrud

This one is not finished.

Week 8?

I would love a demo on using photo-textures again.

Friday, June 29, 2012

[WK6] Jason Slavin - Cowboys vs Zombies!

Started as an after class sketch, but once I added zombies I got inspired to develop it for this week. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wk6 - Chris Chien

Very simple painting with photo texture technique. Probably will do a more far out concept next piece.

This is with photo texture

this was my original color thumb



Saturday, June 23, 2012

[wk 5 update] Jason Slavin

Hey guys-

Took the critiques from a few of you and also explored an idea for repeated architecture I had during class this morning.

Keep up the good work and take chances, guys. Better to go too far and then reign yourself back in than never explore the possibilities.
giant  Von der Ahe

Week 5 - Tina Oh

I'm still struggling with the values, yet I'm currently practicing painting as of now.

WK5 Jennyfur

Just casually getting ready to spend the rest of my life working at McDonald's...

[wk5] Lucas

Will definitely be working on this one more...

Week 5 - Jeff Paulsrud

Trying a bit of a new style with this one.  Implementing the smudge tool and the clone stamp tool for the first time.  Heavily influenced by Thomas Scholes (if  you don't know his work I highly highly recommend looking him up).  And thanks again for the help Mr. Slavin.

[Week 5] Jason Slavin

Hey everyone!

I felt like the last piece was a little bit too particular, with a lot of frequency and sharp edges all around. I made an effort to make this week's work more like a painting than a sort of digital mixed media. Very little photo in this one. See you all tomorrow!


 Sunset and they're still at it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uploading Instruction

Hi guys
Please use following template when you upload your work.
[wk#]{Your name}
Thank you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This painting is lost.
Any critique would be most appreciated.

wk 4 - chris chien

I don't think it's much better than last weeks. Sorry my head isn't in the game this week. :/