Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WK2 Env Thumbs--Jason Slavin

Updated--Finished the color sketches. I started with very dirty colors, focusing on scifi horror ideas, but decided to open up and have fun finishing with really vibrant sketches. I also added the figure to the last b&w sketch. Thanks Charles!
Hey guys! Got my 5 b&w thumbs out of the way. I felt like I learned a lot about establishing exteriors last week, so I'm I'm going to challenge myself with technical interiors a lot this time. Now let's color!




  1. These look great, Jason. I really like your color on #3. They also have clear light and shadow path.
    I know these are still in the process. Keep going with these. Few suggestions, Black and white #5 has great lighting source. It would be really cool if you put a object or person in there so they can cast the shadow from the top. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. I love how strong the colors are in 17. They are really saturated but you've used that in your favor to make the fish figure pop forward. I also like how subtle the colors in 2 are, they're very moody and give nice atmosphere.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Charles - I will try to sketch in the figure for the b&w painting tonight. I have two more color images to do and then pack for a flight tomorrow. See you in the morning!

    Jeff - Thanks dude. Yeah, for 17 I used the blues from a national geographic photo of a whale underwater. I would never have thought to go that saturated on my own.