Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 2 - Color Thumbs - Jeff Paulsrud

 Spent an extra 20 min. or so cleaning these last two up

B/W thumbs = 20 min.
Color thumbs = 25 ~30 min.

Sorry for taking so long to post anything...been a bit preoccupied.

Jeff Paulsrud


  1. Hey Jeff~~ I like the way you use limited colors. #6 is my favorite. Great color contrast with warm and cool. Shapes are very clear. It even feels surreal. Overall, you can still improve on using different shapes and push the size difference. For example, on the last black and white piece, the left cave wall is divided into exactly same thickness.
    I also Like #6 a lot, start introducing warm orange artificial light coming out from buildings.

  2. yah, your right..I definitely need to work on using different shape sizes...and i just noticed that in #9 i do the exact same thing that i did in the b/w cave drawing, where I divided the tree into three even parts...when im working I always tell myself to vary the shape, so i don't know why i keep doing it lol. Guess its a bad habit im gonna have to break.
    Thanks for the feedback