Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer term 2012 schedule

Week1   Introduction & Compositional studies 1 and values

HW: Completing 20 Black /white thumbnails, using simple geometric shapes

Week2   Compositional studies 2 & introduction to color

HW: Completing 20 color thumbnail, using abstract geometric shapes

Week3,4  Stylized environmental painting  and edges

HW: final painting of stylistic environmental painting, using simple geometric shapes for subject.

Week 5   Realistic environmental painting and lighting

HW: Researching environmental photos with dramatic lighting, creating environment on top of the reference using given value and palette

HW: Creating environment using textures and existing painting.

Week 8,9   Abstract compositional approach and texture brush application

HW:  Creating  environment using abstract texture and photo to set up compositional structure

Week 10 : Final critique

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