Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WK 8 - Jeff Paulsrud - Hunchback Project

I know its not environment, but it is still related to the project...so I thought I should still post it here.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.


  1. That's really gross, man... :)

    No real criticism for this particular painting other than edge - you're painting this as a portrait shot in a shallow aperture, so the further away the features get, the blurrier they become. However, his jaw is much blurrier than the tragus (little knob over the ear cavity) on both sides. That part of the ear becomes slightly distracting because it's so sharp and goes against the logic of the camera. This is all nitpicking, though. Really strong painting!

    As in any design process, the first idea is rarely the best. If this is your first go at character exploration for him, I'd love to see a spread of a few slightly different directions. You really only have to paint one or two and then copy/ad variations. Wes Burt is a hugely useful reference for this: http://cghub.com/files/Image/078001-079000/78534/114_max.jpg

    What are you planning to close out the week with?

  2. I love the character face...so gross. :) It fits the dark mood that you are going. I think you can pick one of the painting from top two then, take it as production painting. You can either try as matte painting or just detailed production painting. If you are going for the night scene on the top, put a bright moon in the sky and make the cities as 2nd read. Either one would be good one to finish up.